Interactive sessions – done in-person or digitally — focused on instilling principles, building actionable skills, and in some cases, creating deliverables.

Pick one of my established workshop programs or work with me to customize it for your group.

Sessions can accommodate less than ten people or scale up to groups of 50.


2 hours
The Two-Hour Business Plan
An actionable plan to get your business making money and achieving goals. For small business owners and founders.
2 hours
The Two-Hour Marketing Plan
Transform the way you approach your marketing efforts. For communications professionals and business owners.
1 hour
Building Your Business' Brand System
Defining branding and teaching you a scaleable system for building it for your organization.
1-2 hours
How to Get Where You Want to Go in Your Career
Making dreams possible with tangible steps and radical strategies. For students, young professionals, and career transients.
1-2 hours
How to Suck at Leadership
Pointing out what not to do, so you know what to do. For managers and leaders.
Had something else in mind? Design your own.
Marketing, branding, websites, leadership, beer. You name it.
"Ben was the favorite speaker of the morning."
Kim Garret, Innovation Institute, University of Pittsburgh

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