The Agency Gameplan

The Agency Gameplan is an interactive engagement for agencies looking to refine internal processes, rapidly acquire new business, develop a compass for the future, or all of the above.

Through Discovery, Audit, Analysis, and Planning you’ll walk away with a tailor-made step-by-step strategy for achieving your goal and 30-days of included support to make sure you’ve got your footing.

I personally lead every engagement from start-to-finish bringing 10 years of experience disrupting new industries, attracting Fortune 500s, and growing businesses from $0 to seven figures.

The Process

Step 1
An interactive workshop with your key stakeholders to identify your goals, understand your history, and get the process going.
Step 2
Researching the factors and environment surrounding your goals, agency make up, competitors, and target industries. Depending on team size, this may also include an interview with key staff members outside of leadership (if they weren't included in Step 1).
Step 3
Reviewing all of the research and beginning to structure the strategy.
Step 4
Compiling the written Gameplan.
Step 5
Presenting the Gameplan for thoughts and feedback. You'll receive the PDF document and get (1) round of revisions on any contents included.
Step 6
Every Gameplan engagement includes 30 days of included support to make sure you're getting off on the right foot.


Market-Validated Service Structure
The positioning of your services will determine the success of your agency’s ability to attract, sell, and perform work.
Pricing Strategies
How to price everything you do.
Agency Positioning
What you do, how you talk about it, and how you stand out.
Channel Planning
Strategies for attracting the new business you want.
Sales Processes
Repeatable, scaleable processes for vetting and closing more work.
Contracts, documents, and other housekeeping.
Communications, project management, and team management.

My Experience

I cut my teeth as Director of Inbound Partnerships for GuavaBox, a website design and development agency with clients across three continents.

Those lessons spring-boarded the rapid rise of Top Hat — a creative and development agency — that I continue to run 10 years later. Top Hat is an award-winning, 11-person team headquartered in Pittsburgh. We’re known for our beer industry work, but maintain an active roster of diverse clients from Meta, to Maronda Homes, to Starwood Retail Partners, to Untappd.

For the past five years as a consultant I’ve helped everyone from the largest agencies in the world to the one-person shop hoping to grow.

"The perfect mixture of industry knowledge, strategic planning, and practical guidance."
Christian Rafetto, Rafetto Creative

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