I’ve been speaking for nearly a decade on leadership, branding, marketing, communications, and business.

What I’ve learned along the way is that people want to be entertained, engaged, and educated with actionable ideas. And that’s what I focus on delivering in every engagement.

Presentations are adaptable to any group size from tens to thousands and any environment from the classroom to the board room to the conference keynote to a Zoom call.


Past Topics

"Hustle Your Life & Career Like a Brand Entrepreneur"
PRSSA Leadership Assembly
"Building Your Business' Brand System"
Small Business Development Center of Pennsylvania
"The Laws of Perception: the Classic Mechanics of PR"
Point Park University
"Award-Winning Market Research on Shoestring Budgets with Social Media"
Ohio Northern University
"Brewing Disruption: The Story of Iron City Coffee"
Point Park Summer Web Series
"Security & Performance Lessons Learned from Multimillion Dollar WordPress Shops"
WordPress Pittsburgh via Zoom
"Award-Winning Market Research on Shoestring Budgets"
American University via Zoom
"Beer Branding Panel with Allagash, Mast Landing, Trillium, Shacksbury, Top Hat, and Resident Culture"
Juicy Brews Valentines Day by Hop Culture
"From Drinking Beer to Working for Beer: a Never Before Seen Inside Look"
Point Park PRSSA's highest-rated speaker of 2019
"Metrics Mean Money: a Communicator’s Guide to KPIs and Measurement"
PRSA New Pros' Most-Attended Webinar of all Time
"Building Your Website to Sell Your Product"
University of Pittsburgh’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence Craft to Commerce Workshop
"The Buyer's Journey: the Formula for Award-Winning Campaigns"
University of Pittsburgh AMA Regional Conference
"How to Run Your Campus-Run Firm Like a Million Dollar Agency"
American University Graduate Fellows
"PR Summit Legends of Pittsburgh: Old, New & Resurrected"
PRSA Pittsburgh
"Your Show Doesn’t Matter, but Your Brand Does"
National Association for Consumer Shows Annual Convention
"How to Suck at Leadership"
PRSSA International Conference
"The entire room changed when Ben started speaking.
Kim Garret, Innovation Institute, University of Pittsburgh
"Very engaging, interactive and informative.
Tunca Cali, Small Business Development Center of PA
"Ben is the one speaker students ask about every semester.
Jason Mollica, American University
"Ben can teach astrophysics to a 5-year-old.
Sam Dham, International Student, Purdue University
"Ben takes a room by storm with his energy and knowledge.
Camille Downing, Point Park University

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