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How to Work with Someone You Don’t Like

Sometimes when you least expect it, you’ll start working with someone you don’t like.

Whether you want to believe it or not, it will happen sooner later, so you better be prepared. As I discussed in a previous post, it’s vital for true professionals to maintain emotional control and rational thinking throughout any situation. This especially applies in situations where someone starts rubbing you the wrong way.

Here’s how to work with someone you don’t like:

Understand That Not Everyone Will Like You

Don’t take it personally, but not everyone is going to like you. It’s a normal fact of life, and it’s not going to change.

Accept this up front and your career will be much more enjoyable.

Be Professional

Professionalism includes:

  • Controlling your emotions
  • Not speaking poorly of others (especially behind their backs)
  • Avoiding vulgarity
  • Allowing others a platform to express themselves.

There may be times where you get angry, but don’t react based on your anger. Temper it with your logic and reason. You may be tempted to say all kinds of terrible things about the person you don’t like, but avoid it at all costs—it will only aggravate the situation. There may be times when you feel like swearing during a confrontation, but be sure not to. It only heats situations up.

Finally, as much as you don’t want to, allow the other person a platform to speak and be sure to listen.

Be Loving

As counterintuitive as it may seem, do everything you can to be loving to the other person.

This includes not wrestling with them in the weeds. People can be really cruel, but keep your composure and be the better person. It will enhance your reputation, your standing and you won’t regret it when you look back.

Be Direct

If there are serious issues then don’t let them accumulate—address them head on in a polite and direct manner.

Set up a time to have a one-on-one conversation with the person you’re at odds with. Let them know your grievances and let them express theirs. Do your best to clear the air and move towards peaceful existence within your work environment.

You don’t have to end up being their close friend, but you do have to make an attempt to find resolution.

Bring in a Supervisor

If the one-on-one meeting doesn’t work or only makes the situation worse then it’s time to bring in another perspective.

Communication is key to successful business environments. Communicate your issues with your supervisor, explain your attempts at resolution in detail and ask for their assistance. This will also start to document the process on an administrative level.

Know When to Suck It Up

Sometimes the best action you can take is to ignore your hostile feelings towards the other person, suck it up and walk away.

Here’s to a better work place,

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How to Work with Someone You Don’t Like