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The Freelancer’s Guide to Service Offerings

Deciding your service offerings is a pivotal step to success in the freelance world. Here’s how to do it.

We’ve already discussed the challenge of deciding pay rates and insuring that compensation is actually received. Next on the list of items to refine before going “live” with your freelancing endeavors is your particular set of services.

Here’s how to best select them and most effectively share them with the world:

Offer Your Top Skills, Initially

If this is your first time tackling independent projects then picking your top skills–at least initially–will be extremely important.

There are a few reasons why you should only offer your top capabilities to start:

  • You have proven successes that you can share with prospective clients (they want examples before signing you on)
  • You know exactly how to approach a project and will get into rhythm
  • You’ll best serve your clients and begin to build a good reputation

So for instance, if you’re a specialized copywriter–with proficient and/or mediocre design skills–stick exclusively to offering copywriting. You’ll better spend your own time and best represent yourself to new clients.

Use Recognizable and Specific Language

Are your prospective clients asking what you do even though you’ve slid them a sheet with your service offerings? This is a sign that the name of your services aren’t specific enough.

The convenience of easy to understand terms is sometimes the difference between getting the job and losing it to someone else.

Here are commonly listed capabilities with more effective names that prospective clients better understand:

  • Advertising –> Media buying, creative
  • Marketing –> Mobile marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, guerrilla marketing
  • Public Relations –> Branding, copywriting, event planning, media relations, media training, speech writing
  • Design –> Logo design, stationary, print design, packaging, illustration, web design

Don’t Be Afraid to Bring in Other Freelancers

During the span of your independent work, you may decide to expand your service offerings. In one sense, you might expand into an agency and hire on some extra help. In another, you may simply decide to utilize the help of another freelancer.

For this reason it is incredibly important to network and build your rolodex of freelancers. Not only will they be able to help you on projects outside your scope, but they may return the favor to you on projects.

You’ll also want to partner with other freelancers to streamline your process.

Let’s say you offer social media marketing and you spend an overwhelming amount of your time designing the graphics to go with each campaign. Rather than continue on bearing the burden alone, you could recruit a freelance designer to crank out the graphics for you while you focus on the strategy and copy of the campaigns.

Here’s to better service offerings,

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The Freelancer’s Guide to Service Offerings