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5 Ways to Care for Your Most Important Client: Your Agency

It’s no secret that agencies need to work on their own brands. Here’s where to focus your efforts.

The honest truth is that we are so caught up in client work that at the end of the day, there’s no room left to take on agency projects.

And so, over time important assets like the agency’s story, website, materials, social media platforms and lead generation tools start falling behind.

Success Comes from Consistently Generating Good Leads

Agencies that are consistently generating good leads have predictable growth. The work they put into themselves gives them super powers that inconsistent agencies don’t have access to.

Consistent Leads Can Only Come By Treating Your Agency Like a Client

When you treat your agency like your most important client, you’re keeping the brand in power. You’re also continuing to run the lead-generation machine you’ve put in place. This will continue to generate leads, which is the key to growing. Honestly, good leads creates more than growth—it will create a much better place to work.

If you don’t treat your agency like a client, you’re going to slack. Your workload might be too much for one week and so you’ll neglect to complete an item on the list. We’d never let that happen for a client, and we should never let it happen for our agency.

With our clients, we always find time. We always have a spot in the schedule to tackle work. We need to do this for our agency as well.

With leads coming in, you don’t have your hands tied. Without leads, it might really hurt when you fire that troublesome client. You might also take on clients you don’t work best with. Both of these are ingredients to a recipe of disaster.

Keep those leads flowing, and keep your agency fresh, by caring for these arenas.

1.) Revisit or Create a Strategy

Your strategy should be driven by an in-depth understanding of your ideal customers. That, after all, is the secret to marketing communications success. It’s also one of six ways to grow a thriving agency.

With that in mind, sit down and either revisit or create a strategy.


A strategy isn’t something that you create and blindly act upon. You should be evaluating the results and effectiveness of your strategy every quarter. During that time, it’s vital to make adjustments before kicking off into the next quarter.


If you haven’t created a strategy to lead the overall communications efforts of your agency, it’s time.You do this for your other clients and you need to do this for your most important client—your agency. You’re doing your entire agency a disservice by not acting upon a strategy.

Bring together all of the key players around the table and get it done. You’ll all experience a tremendous sense of clarity and direction.

2.) Initiate Brand Evolution

Your brand isn’t a static creation. You don’t build it once and let it go. A brand is a living, breathing masterpiece. Over time, it should only continue to transform and evolve.

Every half year or year, take a step back and look at your brand. Where can it be improved? Where can it be adapted?

Initiate brand evolution for your agency. Don’t let things remain stagnant, especially as time goes on. The key is to constantly refine the elements of your brand that will enhance the overall brand—not diminish or muddle it.


Fonts are a common area that fall behind.

If you’re still using the same font set out with 10 years ago, it’s time for a refresh. This is one area where a simple upgrade won’t muddle your entire brand. It will only enhance it and take it to new heights.

You might also want to consider utilizing an accent font to give your brand some edge.

At Top Hat IMC, we added a clean cursive font to add some contrast to our identity. It’s made a world of difference.


Although you can’t always completely renew the colors your brand uses, you can consider adding an accent color to your palette. An accent can electrify your brand.

I was working with an organization that has been around for 25-plus years. They didn’t have enough flexibility to redesign their logo, name or primary colors. We gave the entire brand a breath of life by updating the fonts and adding an accent color to the palette. It made a world of difference and gave us some new leverage to refresh the entire brand.


A slogan is another area that has room for serious evolution. The slogan you set out with in the beginning might not always apply to where you are today, or even where you’ll be tomorrow.

3.) Apply Growth-Driven Design to Your Website

Traditionally, websites are projects that you seem to do once every few years. Each time around, you make substantial changes to the design and flow. It’s only then that you evaluate analytics and data to influence the way this transformation occurs.

Use Insights to Improve Your Site, Consistently

The problem with this traditional model is that you aren’t able to act when the analytics can do the most good for you. If you discover that your home page is deterring visitors from exploring the rest of the site then you need to react instantly. If you wait until several years later to initiate change you’re missing out on potentially thousands and thousands of missed opportunities.

Growth-Driven Design is a very agile concept. It’s where you continue to tweak your website on a regular basis according to analytics. This is the data you gather from Google Analytics—which can tell you about how long visitors stay on your site and what pages are most popular—and heat mapping—which can show you where people click the most.

With these insights, you can quickly identify problem areas. This could be a page that loses traffic consistently or an element that is directing people the opposite way of where you want them to go.

Your Website Should Stay Fresh

A website isn’t a static placeholder. It’s a living, breathing destination that should continue to stay fresh.

Attract your ideal customers to this place with relevant, helpful content. Keep them by continuing to provide relevant content. Win them by offering premium pieces of content that they can get by giving you their contact information.

4.) Use Your Agency As a Testing Ground

Use your agency as a guinea pig for experiments. This could be using a brand new platform or applying a whole new set of tactics. Make sure these tactics, of course, align with a higher strategy.

Your experience here can give you the edge on your competition. It will also help you to refine new solutions for your other clients.

5.) Hire Someone That Focuses on Your Brand

If you have the ability, hire someone that focuses exclusively on your brand. This is in-house marketing person will keep your strategy moving forward, brand evolving and website fresh.

An Agency is An Investment—You Get Out What You Put In

In an investment, you get what you put in. An agency is no different. Take your investment to the next level by positioning it as your number one client.

Here’s to your agency,

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5 Ways to Care for Your Most Important Client: Your Agency